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As the election year approaches, Addison Landon, an investigative reporter and political analyst, is about to uncover the most elaborate plot she, or anyone else for that matter, has ever seen. An actual plot to create the largest contiguous land empire in human history that began 646 years ago. What she uncovers is not an army that plans to overthrow governments by force, but a secret society that has ultimate political aspirations.

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H.C. DeBoard is an Successful Businessman, Author, Entrepreneur. and a Decorated Disabled American Veteran. While he began his life in extremely poor surrounding in rural West Virginia, he has gone on to build and lead multi-million dollar corporations. His story is one that will inspire you and empower you to dream your dream and accomplish your goals no matter what obstacles seem to be in your way.

Inspirational Success stries are all around everyday of your life and your story is waiting to be told!

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Writing Your Own Success Story
I have personally sat where you are sitting. I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth. I have had circumstances dealt to me that could have crushed me into a lifetime of despair. BUT THEY DIDN’T…In fact, in spite of the circumstances, I have created 2 multi-million dollar companies, published a Novel, and am currently working with well known stars such as Lou Ferrigno, Christel Khalil, and Apollonia. What does it take to be successful? Is it in your DNA? Are you born with it? Is it all circumstantial? Does opportunity knock for everyone? My life story will answer these questions from my perspective and...hopefully...will set you on the path towards "Writing Your Own Success Story".

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